Welcome to the website of the Slacking Ambition Podcast.  I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my site.  This podcast is about about overcoming procrastination and no longer putting off what you want but don’t think you can do!  It’s for people who aren’t where they feel like they should be in life and know that they are capable of more.  It’s for people who are destined for greatness, but don’t what they want to do with their life!

I want to educate and inspire people to realize they can achieve the success they desire and deserve by learning to overcome procrastination and distractions and develop better self discipline. I’m calling it Slacking Ambition.

My goal is to achieve maximum freedom in my life by figuring out how to earn a living without a traditional job so that I can start living life on my own terms.  Then, I want to teach YOU how to do the same thing!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t want to work, its just that I’d rather figure out how to do it as efficiently as possible, and do it for myself as opposed to someone else.  And it does take work.  Getting to where I want to be at isn’t easy, but nothing worth doing is.  Problem is, I’m a slacker and prone to procrastination by letting myself be easily distracted.

So, I’ve decided to get off my keister and start taking action! There exists the greatest tool ever known to mankind to make a living online and achieve maximum freedom!  Its called the Internet, and I am determined to figure out how to harness its powers to the fullest extent!  And I want you to join me!

I intend to bring you a weekly podcast episode featuring guests who are making their dreams happen.  People who one day realized that thinking about someday doing something isn’t enough and that they just can’t put it off any longer.  Guests who are reaping the rewards of having overcome the procrastination spiral and are living free.  People who stopped slacking and started achieving!

Thanks again for visiting this site.  I hope you find it’s content, and the content of the podcast, valuable.