55 – Your Life in Focus w/ Kesha Moore

Kesha Moore - Your Life In Focus


Kesha Moore is an educator, coach, and activist who is the proprietor of the website Your Life In Focus Coach and the author of the book Your Life as a Celebration.

Kesha coaches people on how to harness the power of FOCUS to achieve personal and career goals.  She developed the FOCUS system to help YOU get your life in focus!

In this episode. Kesha outlines the FOCUS system in detail and relates some specific examples of how she has helped others apply it to achieve their goals.  Additionally, she shares the power of developing success rituals to develop healthy habits.

She also offers some great insight and value on the power of purpose and how her system has helped others and can help you to more clearly define your purpose and build the life you want around it!

Check out the episode and resources below!

Your Life As A Celebration: Accomplishing your goals with less stress and more joy

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