Start Your Blog or Website in 5 Minutes!

How to start your own blog or website in 5 minutes.

Have you ever thought about starting your own blog or website but didn’t know where to start?

Maybe you were concerned that you didn’t have the technical know-how to start and maintain a website, so you put it off, and put it off, and put it off some more.  (Sound familiar Slackers?)

Well, I’m here to show you that not only CAN you start a website, but it is A LOT easier and quicker than you ever thought possible using WordPress!

Step 1:  Choose a Hosting Provider

There are lots of web hosting providers out there, but BlueHost is one of the best and is recommended by WordPress itself.  Here are a few reasons why I and others highly recommend BlueHost:

  • Awesome customer service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Simple control panel for managing your site
  • Custom-built servers that provide a reliable and stable hosting environment
  • No contracts and no gimmicks with 30-day money back guarantees and the option to cancel at any time.

The best part about BlueHost is that they are currently offering my listeners a special discount of only $3.95 per month if you sign up through this tutorial!

To get your hosting account set up with BlueHost, follow the steps listed below. It’ll speed up the process if you think of a domain name that you would like to use and if you have your credit card information ready to go to make the payment before you do get started.

Step 2:  Set Up Your Hosting Account

Click the “Sign Up Now” button above, you will be taken to BlueHost’s sign up page.  Once there, click the “Get Started Now” button.


Now you need to choose a domain name.  The domain name is the ‘’ web address that identifies your location on the internet. If you already own a domain name through another hosting provider, you can enter it in the box that says “I Have A Domain Name” and BlueHost will provide you with instructions on how to redirect your DNS settings to use the BlueHost servers with your existing domain name.

If you are purchasing a domain name for the first time, you can check it’s availability in the box that says “New Domain” and purchase it directly through BlueHost.

Now fill in your personal information.


Now choose your subscription package.  To qualify for the promotional price of $3.95 per month, you must choose the 36 month package.  The other choices are optional and at your discretion.  Personally, I opt-in to the Domain Privacy Protection option because it protects your personal information from being publicly available in the WHOIS directory.  However, it is not required.

Now enter your payment information.

Once you press “Submit” your order will be complete and you will be directed to choose a password.  BlueHost provides a password generator that you can use, or you can create your own custom password.  Your password must have both uppercase and lowercase letters, a number, and a special character (!@#$, etc.) to fully secure your account.

ALRIGHT! Congratulate yourself on getting this far as you now are ready to make your presence known on the web!  You are ready to log-in to your BlueHost account and install WordPress.

Step 3:  Install WordPress

Once you are logged into BlueHost, you will want to make sure that you are the tab that says “cPanel”

From there, click on the button that says “Install WordPress.”  This will take you to the BlueHost Marketplace.  Go ahead and click on “Continue Installation” toward the bottom.


Now you will be asked what domain you want to install WordPress to.  Select the domain you chose earlier and choose “Next.”  You can leave the line that says “Directory” blank.

The “Helpful Plugins” section is optional and at your discretion.  After you press “Next” WordPress will install.

Once your installation is complete, you’re all set! Now you are ready to log in to your WordPress administration panel and start blogging or creating your website!  Pat yourself on the back!

Log into your admin panel by using the “Admin URL” link and entering the username and password you created earlier in the tutorial.  Your Admin URL is always in the form of “” but I recommend you bookmark the login page to make easy.


Now you are at the WordPress Dashboard and ready to ROCK!  You can control everything about your site from here and are ready to create pages, writes posts, install themes, customize appearances, and do just about anything else you can do with a website! Way to STOP SLACKING and START ACHIEVING!  Remember Slackers, you can get this done in 5 MINUTES (or less sometimes) if you have your payment information and domain name ready before you get started.  

Remember, if you sign up using this tutorial, you get the special promotional pricing of just $3.95 per month!